Thursday, April 21, 2011


Congolese Soukous - popular in the champeta/picó scene
Here's Kanda Bongo Man's "Zing Zong", well known in Cartagena

Cuban Music in Congo
Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz's "Tcha Tcha Tcha de Mi Amor"

Cuban Music in New York: The Palladium

Machito - New York Afro-Cuban mambo/Latin jazz band, here in Japan in the 1960s

"Bang Bang" Joe Cuba's boogaloo ode to cornbread, hogmaw, cuchifrito and lechón

Another Joe Cuba boogaloo - El Pito (I'll Never Go back to Georgia)"

Cuban mambo by Nuyroican Tito Puente: Ran Kan Kan

Another famous Nuyorican mambo by Puente: "Oye Como Va"

New York salsa - Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón do "Todo Tiene Su Final"

1972 in Central Park - Eddie and Charlie Palmieri perform "Muñeca"

Rumba in Tompkins Square Park (NYC)

Mizik Engajé (Political Music) from the Haitian Diaspora
Ti-Manno "Culture par nous"

Boukman Eksperyans - Jou Nou Revolte (Today We Revolt)

Boukman Eksperyans - Ke m Pa Sote ("My Herat Doesn't Leap/I Am Not Afraid")

Brooklyn Labor Day Caribbean Carnival

Pan in Brooklyn

More Pan, just 'cuz


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