Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music mid-term review

Here it is, all in one place. Note that the alabado is a Blackboard link (in the folder marked "1.25").

Son (Cuba)

Batá (Cuba)

Güiro (Cuba)

Rumba guaguancó (Cuba)

(from 0:22 – 1:31 and 2:42-3:34, although harder to hear, also 3:47-4:40)

Currulao (Colombian Pacific)

Alabado (Colombian Pacific)
Sorry, no youtube videos, but, there’s an alabado on Blackboard at https://blackboard.bowdoin.edu/bbcswebdav/xid-803712_1

Bullerengue (Colombian Caribbean)

Cumbia/Gaita (Colombian Caribbean)

Capoeira (Brazil)

Merengue (Dominican Republic)

Samba (Brazil)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

More samba

Samba from Brazil

Characteristics of samba:
multiple drums,
tambourine (listen for the jingles)
bass drum
cavaquinho (stringed instrument)
bass drum
Incidentally, the song refers to Brazil's current drug wars: "He has coca in the fridge."

Brazilian samba

Bote the prominent bass drum. This one has no cavaquinho (stringed instrument)

Trujillo-era orquestrated big-band merengue

Luis Alberti's band:

(Don't worry, the merengue on the mid-term will have accordeon)

One more merengue

Here with marímbula:

Merengue in the DR

Characteristics of merengue:
regular 4-square beat
optional sax
tambora drum played with sticks and hand


A merengue house party in the DR: