Monday, April 25, 2011

Reggaetón - April 26

A link to Wayne Marshall's transcriptions and sound clips: here.

In case you spent 2004 on another planet or in a coma and didn't get a chance to hear it - Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina"

Here are the the musical elements in this song that Marshall talks about as being linked to various other genres:

  • "Galloping figures" and "half step harmonic motion" suggesting Spanish pasodoble (bullfighting music), like the venerable "España cañí":

  • Nasal delivery like certain salsa soneros (singers) - here's an example of the great Hector Lavoe singing "Triste y vacía
  • The Dem Bow rhythm, featuring "3+3+2" (also known as tresillo), here on the original Shabba Ranks tune.

    And the also seminal "Bam Bam" riddim:
Some dancehall tunes, also popular in hip hop circles in the US in the early 90s, which ended up being referenced in early reggaetón:
  • Chaka Demus and Pliers "Murder She Wrote" (1992)
  • Cutty Ranks "A Who Seh Me Dun" (1993)
  • Dirtsman "Hot This Year"

PR underground/melaza/dembow/"proto-reggaetón": Playero 38

On reggaetonero, Tego Calderón, even has a reggaetón song, referencing an Afro-Puero Rican town, that samples the traditional Afro-Puerto Rican drum/dance called bomba:

Nuyorican rapper Big Pun's "Dream Shatterer"

Puerto Rican (from the island) rapper Vico C - an oldie but goodie (with a hilariously old school video) - "Tony Presidio"

El General's "Tu Pum Pum"

Little Lenny "Punnany Tegereg"

Bachata-influenced reggaetón - Wissin y Yandel's "Mayor que yo" has tons of bachata guitar

(If you don't remember, bachata guitar sounds like this:

Making the hurban market: NORE & Nina Sky's "Oye mi canto"

Some more modern Panamanian bultrón/plena/reggae(tón) - Kufu Bantón's "Vamos pa' la playa" ("A pasarla bien con los friends"). Notice the use of R. Kelly's "Thoia Thong" track:

Here's the aforementioned "Thoia Thoing"

The roots reggae and dub influence remains strong in Panamanian reggae - for example in El Rookie's "Grand Error" (although Rookie also sings more reggaetón-styled music)

The easily downloadable computer beat-making program Fruity Loops (now "FL studio"):

Reegaetón has sired mutant offspring all through the world. Here's choque/choke/shoke from western Colombia:

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